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The Honor Connor Foundation

A collaboration between Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, the University of Colorado, and Connor Thomson’s family, the Honor Connor Fund was created to help spread awareness and make an impact in the fight against distracted driving. Connor’s life was cut short by a car accident involving distracted driving two weeks before Christmas in 2020. He was only 20 years old

Connor Thomson’s compassion for others was unparalleled and gave him a unique ability to connect with anyone almost instantly. He worked to help the homeless around CU’s campus – he knew everyone by name. Helping the community was part of his daily routine.

Each year, a $3,000 scholarship will be awarded in Connor’s name to a member of Phi Kappa Psi at CU Boulder who demonstrates a similar philanthropic spirit. The chapter and this foundation is committed to annual fundraising efforts and campaigns to combat distracted driving.

Connor approached life with an attitude and certainness that brought peace to those around him. His spirit of generosity inspires us to continue pushing ourselves to be better, do better, and make the world around us a little better every day.

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Father Turns Personal Tragedy into Triumph

Connor’s father, David, channeled his grief into combatting the dangers of distracted driving at CU Boulder and campuses across the country.

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