Help Us Make a Difference in Fighting the #1 Cause of Fatal Car Crashes for College Drivers

As the Philanthropy Chair of his Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity chapter at the University of Colorado, Connor Thomson made an impact both on and off-campus. He was as vibrant as his trademark Tommy Bahama shirts. The accident that claimed his life inspired his family, fraternity brothers, and college community to join the fight against distracted driving.

Am I a Distracted Driver?

We are all guilty of it at some point. Texting, eating, adjusting car settings, talking on the phone and to passengers – not paying full attention to the road. Studies show that 70% of teens report using social media while driving and that fatal crashes among 16 -20 year olds is 3 times higher than any other group.

Be Part of the Solution.

Changing behavior and making it socially unacceptable has been a successful strategy to combat drunk driving. We want to do the same for distracted driving. Studies have shown that committing to a written pledge is a solid first step to safer driving. We encourage you to make YOUR pledge today and learn tips that save lives.

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Events & News

  • Safe Driving Pledges Up 450% at CU Boulder
  • Nationwide Campus Campaigns Make a Difference
  • Distracted Driving Laws Tightening Across U.S.
  • Phi Psi Wins 2023 ‘Outstanding Philanthropic’ Award


In honor of Connor at the University of Colorado, a yearly scholarship is available in his name for Phi Kappa Psi candidates who demonstrate a spirit of philanthropy and giving back to the community. Scholarships open up February 15th each year and the deadline is March 31. Award recipients will be notified by June. Apply or nominate someone today.

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