CU Boulder’s 2023 Pledge Drive

Phi Kappa Psi’s Colorado Alpha Chapter has plenty to celebrate. Brothers and volunteers increased safe driving pledges by 450% over last year! Tables were set up at strategic spots around town and on campus to capture signatures. This year’s event ran from October 9th – 15th and included ‘Venmo Bingo’, ‘Dares for Donations’, and a backyard cookout hosted at the fraternity house.

  • Safe Driving Pledge Totals: 1,420
  • Nearly a 5-Time Increase From 2022!
  • Fundraiser & Donation Totals: $3,210

Notable Pledges
CU President, Todd Saliman
CU Boulder Chancellor, Phil DeStefino
CU Denver Chancellor, Michelle Marks
ABC Channel 7 Denver Newscaster, Anne Trujillo
PKP Philanthropic Chair, Andrew Kearney

Community & Campus Participation Climbing
More local volunteers, students, and campus clubs took part in this year’s success. Even Ralphie the Buffalo, CU’s mascot, pitched in to help!

Accepting Award

In the News

‘Honor Connor Week’ Earns Interfraternity Accolades
Phi Psi’s Colorado Alpha Chapter walked away with the award for ‘Outstanding Philanthropic Effort 2023’. The annual event includes a review of CU’s 21 fraternities and their contributions to community throughout the year. Former Philanthropic Chair and current Phi Psi President, Andrew Kearney, accepted the coveted plaque along with his fellow chapter officers.

More College Campus Communities are Joining
the Fight and
Making a Difference

Over the past three years, Hunter’s Fund has created a nationwide college coalition. What started as a fundraising initiative at Syracuse University rapidly spread to 25 different campuses with more than 800 volunteers coming onboard. This past year, the group added 87 new sponsors, doubled its volunteer base, and increased pledge totals to almost 13,000!

Making a Difference State by State
Multiple states enacted stricter laws against texting and driving in 2022 including more ‘points’ towards each offense and higher fines. Oregon holds the top spot with a $1,000 penalty for distracted driving. Illinois now assesses 10 points to drivers caught texting while behind the wheel. Other states following suit include Utah, Wisconsin, Alaska, New York, and Colorado.

March 1, 2022
Senate Bill 713 to Require Hands-Free Phone Use for all Missouri Drivers…
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March 1, 2022
Ohio House Bill 283 to Ban Holding a Phone While Driving…
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Take The Pledge for Yourself

Join us for this nationwide effort to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving and eliminate preventable deaths and injuries on our roadways.

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